I offer private, individual lessons, rather than group classes.  I believe this gives you a more focused, and consequently more successful, learning experience. 

Make your own Class   $30/hour

Are you a total novice?
Have you forgotten everything you ever knew about knitting or crochet?
Is there a particular technique you’d like to learn?
Do you need some one-on-one help with a project?

Whatever help you need, please call for an appointment and we’ll get you going.
(Please talk to me if $30 is outside your budget so we can work something out)

Lessons need to be booked at least 24 hours ahead of time, and will take place outside of regular opening hours.


What if you won’t need a full hour of instruction, but you do need a quick 15 minutes of in-store help?
You need to get yourself a Wooly Lifeline Card.
This fancy little card, (that you should keep in your knitting bag ready for that emergency help),
gives you 8 x fifteen minute blocks of time (2 hours total) for just $45.00.

There is no need to book these short time slots – although feel free to call ahead if you like!
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